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26 February 2019

Forum Opéra

Récital Elephant Paname

“…Surprisingly serene taking into account her youthfulness, Victoire Bunel follows on in the same footsteps. A mezzo-soprano, clear and with careful diction, she is Prince Charming to a Cinderella both returned to their true vocal identity…”

7 December 2018


“… By her side, the mezzo-soprano Victoire Bunel draws on well-mastered vocal material, great breath control and delivers a particularly convincing performance. The voice appears rich in harmonics, resonant, with relaxed low notes and varied colours: most certainly more than just grand promises!”

4 December 2018

Classic Agenda

“…Although we can write and think freely this evening, it is difficult to do other than congratulate the brilliance of the performers. Especially when we discover the two young singers Victoire Bunel and Clarisse Dalles. One, sober and gracious, the other sensitive and fascinating…”

1 June 2018


“… and Victoire Bunel touches the hearts of the public in the beautiful role of Théone, by her committed stage performance and the emotion with which she adorns each of her appearances, notably the magnificent first scene of Act III in which Théone tries desperately to stop Phaéton from leaving, with words and accents that, curiously, very clearly prefigure those of the Berlioz’s Dido.”

30 May 2018

Forum Opéra

“…Two young deep voices for the young princesses: attracting particular attention during her time at the CNSMDP, Victoire Bunel performs with great sensitivity the laments that give expression to Théone’s torments of being in love…”

29 June 2016

La lettre du Musicien

“…Among the main roles, one stands out in particular, that of the staggering talent of the mezzo Victoire Bunel, a perfect Mélisande, troubling and elusive: amplitude and richness of timbre, impeccable technique and intoxicating musicality, everything is there. She forms a vocally well-matched couple…”