Le Grand Macabre

Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre makes the Philharmonie de Paris sway

09/12/2018 - Olyrix - José Pons

György Ligeti died in 2006 and bequeathed to posterity a composite and peculiar musical body of work based notably on a complex polyphony, influenced by different ethnic music. His opera, Le Grand Macabre, belongs to the major lyrical works of the 20thcentury.

Pelléas et Mélisande

An intimist and promising Pelléas et Mélisande in Paris

29/06/2016 - La Lettre du Musicien - Philippe Carbonnel
The work by Debussy is given at the Étoile du Nord theatre (Paris, 18thdistrict) in a shorter and reduced adaptation for chamber orchestra by Annelies Van Parys. The production exclusively brings young professionals together with a charming result. As dictated by the cuts made here and there, this version lasts for two hours. If we obviously particularly miss the disappearance of some pages like those of the cave, we are, however, wary of shouting too categorically that we have been betrayed by

Phaéton (Forum Opéra)

Stand out of my sunlight - Phaéton Versailles

30/05/2018 - Forum Opéra - Laurent Bury

That Lully’s Phaéton was an allusion to Fouquet’s fall, the minister guilty of having wanted to rise too closely to the Sun King, is possible, but for his production, Benjamin Lazar has chosen a totally different interpretation. This terrible story of all-consuming ambition could take place in any setting without losing any of its force, as we are shown by Mathieu Lorry-Dupuy’s sober and monumental set and Alain Blanchot’s costumes that deliberately mix periods and places. In this lyrical tragedy where the Lullyist art of

Récital Elephant Paname

Instant Lyrique with Anne-Catherine Gillet - Paris (Éléphant Paname)

18/02/2019 - Forum Opéra - Christophe Rizoud

If live performance survives in spite of all the economic indicators, it is because, unlike any other genre – including cinema – it offers a part of the unexpected needed to experience a thrill. Take the Instant Lyrique with Anne-Catherine Gillet, a delightful soprano that Paris applauded last year in Le Domino Noir and Liège did a few weeks ago in Gounod’s Faust.

Couple her with a partner relatively unknown up to now as having only recently left the conservatoire: Victoire Bunel, a


Vienne-Paris with the Philharmonie de Paris

04/12/2018 - Classic Agenda - Irène Mejia Buttin
Saturday 24thNovember at the Cité de la Musique concert venue, the programme “Ravel – Debussy – Mahler,” proposed a return journey from Paris to Vienna alongside the Nouvelle-Aquitaine chamber orchestra. French and Austrian composers mingled and shared with delight the first hours of the 20thcentury.

In a few words, the conductor Jean-François Heisser situates the initiative behind this programme. In the context of his Society for Private Musical Performances founded in 1918, Schoenberg advocated the discovery of the contemporary repertoire by proposing an innovative approach whereby

Phaeton (Olyrix)

(Lyrical) Tragedy in Versailles: Phaéton refuses to stop his chariot!

01/06/2018 - Olyrix - Stéphane Lelièvre
The Opéra Royal de Versailles, in collaboration with Perm Opera, proposes the rare Phaéton by Lully in a scenic and musical version applauded for a long time by the public: a triumph not only for Vincent Dumestre and his troops but also for Benjamin Lazar. Errors excepted, Phaéton by Lully and Quinault (1683) had not been proposed in its stage version since the show by Karine Saporta put on in Lyon in 1993, with Les Musiciens du Louvre directed by Marc Minkowski. In concert